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The Art of Manifesting, Personal Story

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

To “manifest” is to display, show, reveal, prove, verify. This term is frequently used to describe situations where a single person or group of people have brought about a change, usually for the better, and often originating from a desire. I believe it’s possible to manifest all kinds of things, both what we perceive as negative as well as positive, and the way in which we do it is the same. But what exactly are we “proving”?

As the saying goes, "Energy flows where attention goes."

One of my favorite gurus says it is our job to place our energetic order in life and then let it go and trust that it what we want will come back to us. It is NOT our job to follow our server into the kitchen and hover over the chef while he/she creates our meal. That would be rude, unnecessary, and likely wouldn’t produce anything resembling a meal.

Recently I manifested something of my own. It went like this… I walked into a shop for a haircut and saw a beautiful piece of art hanging on the wall. I asked where it came from and my hairdresser told me that she found it at major department store "a long time ago". She said I should check to see if they still sell it. They don't. A week later I took someone else in for a haircut to my same shop and saw it again, admiring it the whole time I waited. Another two weeks passed, I walked into a friend’s house, and to my shock I saw the same piece leaning against the wall in his home. I immediately asked him where it came from and told him the story about how I recently fell in love with it at a hair salon. My friend said he saw it by a dumpster and thought, “That’s too nice to throw out.” So he took it home. He told me, “I like it, but it’s for you.” Wouldn’t you know it, there isn’t a scratch or mark on it? It was never even hung up. It looks brand new.

How did I do this? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure but I do know that this experience “proved” to me that we are powerful beyond our knowledge and that the things we want also want to come to us. I hear you saying, “Yes, well I’ve wanted ___ for years and that hasn’t shown up.” I get it. And it may not ever come if you don’t clean up your energy. Focusing on the lack of something creates more lack. I hear you, “But how can I focus on this thing that I want when all I see is the lack of it?” To that I say, LOOK AWAY. Stop hovering over the chef. Go to the bar, get a cocktail, strike up a conversation with a stranger. Better yet, leave the restaurant entirely and go to a movie. It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you quit hovering over the chef. You wont forget about what you want and leaving it alone gives the thing you want room to come to you without your energy pushing up against it.

So why doesn't this work when it comes to our health? It's a good question. One I've debated and questioned for quite some time. Why couldn't I just will myself into not eating junk food, or will myself skinny? I think we can will ourselves, but will runs out. Motivation is fleeting, but inspiration is long lasting. Poor health doesn't happen overnight and we can't fix it in a day. When it comes to turning our health around, find what inspires you to make lasting changes and commit to improvement, not perfection. Then let the results go and trust that your inspiration and daily action will produce the results you desire.

If you're not sure you want something the universe isn't sure it wants to give it to you. Clean up your energy and be clear on what you really want.
Love & Light, Audra

Your Turn

Have your own manifestation story? Leave me a comment! I'd love to hear.

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