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Audra Henderson is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Master of Public Health, Certified Personal Trainer, licensed esthetician, and travel enthusiast. For over fifteen years she has worked with people on-one-one and in groups to support positive physical and emotional transformation. 


Nutritional Therapy is not a program or one-sized-fits all approach. Nutritional Therapy is a bio-individual process that helps to identify your specific roadblocks to health and determine your nutritional needs. The primary goal is to help you achieve optimum wellness by restoring your body to balance. We don’t believe in prescribing diets. Instead, we recognize that every individual has a specific genetic and geographical makeup that determines their nutritional needs. With frequent one-on-one support and check-ins, we create a plan based specifically for you, which ensures lasting changes. 

About Audra 

I have been helping others to attain their health goals for over fifteen years. I focus on the areas of nutrition, physical fitness and lifestyle management. My specialties include weight loss and fitness, behavior change, skincare and natural living, eating disorders, and food allergies. My goal is to support, encourage and empower you to make decisions that will improve your life and direct your energy into choices that promote optimal health.

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