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Fertility Services & Classes 



This class will cover the the process of assisted fertility, specifically, IUI, IVF and egg freezing. The class will be offered online and with one weekly live class as well as office hours for those who want or need one-on-one support and information. This class focuses intently on the physical and emotional aspects of assisted fertility and all the things we can do outside of the clinic to not just increases our chances of success, but maintain a balanced life and mindset. 

For patients residing in the state of Alaska, I will provide advanced informational handouts about assisted fertility challenges in Alaska as well as a list of clinics that offer assisted fertility, the only clinic in Alaska currently offering IVF, and each clinic's unique set of unique requirements. Unfortunately, assisted fertility practices are not streamlined or universal in Alaska and there are many roadblocks, especially for those who are pursing fertility without a partner, but there are also wonderful clinics using best practices to choose from, and support available to you. I will provide you with a specific list of questions to ask a clinic before deciding if they are right for you. 



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